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Briearn Mandile-Wells

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Kristy Ismay

Intuitive Energy Healing Session

Emma Lagerlow

60-Minute Life Coaching Session

Charlie Knoles

45-Minute Breathwork Intensive

Book a practitioner

Sacha Stewart

Kinesiologist + Meditation Practitioner

Kristy Ismay

Reiki + Spiritual Practitioner

Charlie Knoles

Meditation + Breathwork

Nathan Ho

Clairvoyant Healer

Michelle Robertson

Yoga + Meditation + Empowerment Coach

Bronte Banning

Yoga + Spiritual Practitioner

Leah Barthel

Grief Recovery Method Practitioner

Tara Hegerty

Integrated Energy Practitioner

Mellissa Melhem

Kinesiologist + Energy Practitioner

Matt Sorensen

Behavioural Therapist + Medical Massage

Belinda Fairfax

Career + Business Coach

Miranda Wise

Meditation + Mindfulness Coach

Kirsty O'Brien

Meditation + Mindfulness Coach

Kerryelle Bucknell

Yoga Teacher + Nutritionist

Sai Hussain

Somatic + Semantic Practitioner

Danielle Coppleson

Doula + Mindfulness Coach

Emma Lagerlow

Life Coach

Nicole Forrest

Reiki + Spiritual Practitioner

Tegan Barton

Pilates + Naturopath

Belle Flowers

Massage Therapist + Counsellor

Tara Seymour

Yoga Nidra + Breathwork

Matt Lillas


Briohny Heggarty

Meditation + Mindfulness

Melissa Di Mieri

Wellness Coach + Self Directed Healing

Jacob Norton

Nutrition + Holistic Health Practitioner

Nadi Gunawardana

Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

Julia Goeller

Ayurveda + Past Life Regressionist

Lea Cristin

Human Design Reader

Reece Carey

PT + Holistic Health Practitioner

Jamie-Lee Jones

Reiki + Psychotherapist

Jacqui Fellew

Self Directed Healing Practitioner 

Cronulla Studio

Now Open

Expand Your Mind

Charlie Knoles
The best nutrition plan. Whether you're Keto, Vegan, carnivore, or just normal!

Food and nutrition can be so confusing with all the conflicting information out there. Let us help you out.

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Charlie Knoles
Cure your anxiety in less than 5 minutes.

Every state of mind has an associated state of breath. Learn to change your state of breath and you can change your state of mind.

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Matt Sorensen
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Our immune system requires a lot of energy to function.

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About True Woo

At True Woo, we are reimagining wellness in a way that personalizes, curates, and creates a global community of like-minded individuals. Connection is what drives our platform. We wish to create a safe, accessible, approachable, and non-intimidating place for people to come and access the support they need to thrive, no matter what stage of the journey they are on.

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Values Of True Woo



A safe space where you feel welcomed.



An un-biased view of knowledge and wisdom to share with you.



An environment where we listen with open hearts and minds.



Where we bring our higher self with love and compassion.



A place where we can nourish ourselves with what feels right.



A space provided to evolve your being.



A destination to receive and give support.



A place to shift from one place to another through awareness and self reflection.