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Self Reflections Pad - Guided Journaling

$34.95 AUD
Connect with your entire self. Take inventory of your day and reconnect with the present moment. This guided journaling pad is designed to create a space to articulate your feelings and identify the actions that you need to take to support yourself. When you take the time to recognize both your inner and outer self and acknowledge the past, present, and future, it is then that you foster the awareness to step into your power! 50 sheets of high-quality printed on recycled paper. W 14 cm x H 21 cm 

50 sheets of high-quality printed on recycled paper.
W 14 cm x H 21 cm

Increased self-awareness
Clarity and Insight
Emotional Regulation
Connect words to your emotions
Aligning with what you need to let go of to grow in the ways you want to
Identify patterns or blocks

Make the riual your own.
Use to set goals for the day or as a reflection of your day.

Start with your inner self. Record your mood, what inspires you, your purpose for today, and a self-affirmation to step into a positive mindset.

Next, shift your awareness to your emotional state, and commit to actions to support your physical well-being through the outer self section. Commit to daily movement, plan your meals, and track your hydration by checking off each glass of water you drink.

Finish by filling out the self-evolution section. Release what no longer serves you by letting go of the past, write about what you feel aligned within the present, and define how you want to grow by putting pen to paper about your future.

Ships from Australia.

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