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True Woo Curations

Our Vision is creating a holistic destination promoting wellness products and services from brands that parallel our ethos.

The True Woo platform is a safe and trustworthy source of curated Wellness offerings that are health promoting, ensuring that you have access to the best products and practitioners in the market. Rest Assured that our team has laid down the path for you to ensure your journey to health is simple and enjoyable. We believe in elevating the true + grounding the woo. Life should be fun and balanced, therefore taking the approach of swapping, not stopping.

One of the first initiatives that the True Woo team set out to create was a unique True Woo Advisory Board whose core focus is to curate every Product and Practitioner on our platform.

We have everything from a curated ingredients list to hand-picked best in class Wellness Practitioners. This balanced approach ensures we deliver a platform that grounds the woo + elevates the true. Transparency and trust are important to us, this means you can access our own Naughty Forty list of ingredients right here on our website.

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable
Free from known toxins and chemicals
Grown & manufactured in a sustainable way
Ethically sourced

“Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We offer holistic alternatives and preventive wellness solutions. “

Naughty Forty

We are committed to supporting an ecosystem for health promoting products! That’s why we’ve taken some of the guess work out for you and established the Naughty Forty list. You won’t find any product on our site that contains any of these ingredients, which are known to cause harm based on scientific research.

True Woo extends a big thank-you to the sprit + science advisory board for the efforts in establishing the “Naughty Forty” list and to the environmental working group ("EWG") for granting us permission to use their research.

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