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Magnesium Muscle and Joint Spray

$32.95 AUD
Description There’s nothing quite like Magnesium Muscle & Joint Spray to help unwind after exercise or a long day out.The powerfully soothing benefits of magnesium are well researched in the relief of muscle cramping, restoring overall energy and in promoting a good night’s sleep. This mineral-rich formula comes in a convenient topical spray for immediate absorption.        More Info Magnesium is involved in 100s of biochemical reactions in your body including energy creation, protein formation and muscle contraction and relaxation(1,2). Research has show magnesium supplementation can in also increase exercise performance in the older population and in people with chronic disease (3,). One 12 week study using a dermal magnesium application found an average of a 54% increase in magnesium levels.(4)   Additional benefits may be found when rubbing high quality magnesium with added DMSO (to aid absorption and early research suggests that applying DMSO to the skin might help decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis(5) in to sore and aching muscles as well as assisting sleep.   Spray and massage into your muscles and joints to help relive cramps, sore aching muscles and joints or onto your stomach to support a more restful night's sleep.    References  1. Gröber, U., Schmidt, J. and Kisters, K., 2015. Magnesium in Prevention and Therapy. Nutrients, 7(9), pp.8199-8226.  2. de Baaij, J., Hoenderop, J. and Bindels, R., 2015. Magnesium in Man: Implications for Health and Disease. Physiological Reviews, 95(1), pp.1-46.  3. Pokan, R., 2006. Oral magnesium therapy, exercise heart rate, exercise tolerance, and myocardial function in coronary artery disease patients. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 40(9), pp.773-778.  4. Kass, L., Rosanoff, A., Tanner, A., Sullivan, K., McAuley, W. and Plesset, M., 2017. Effect of transdermal magnesium cream on serum and urinary magnesium levels in humans: A pilot study. PLOS ONE, 12(4), p.e0174817.  5. Elisia, I., Nakamura, H., Lam, V., Hofs, E., Cederberg, R., Cait, J., Hughes, M., Lee, L., Jia, W., Adomat, H., Guns, E., McNagny, K., Samudio, I. and Krystal, G., 2016. DMSO Represses Inflammatory Cytokine Production from Human Blood Cells and Reduces Autoimmune Arthritis. PLOS ONE, 11(3), p.e0152538. References Ingredients Elemental Magnesium Chloride, dimethyl sulfoxide, water. Directions Spray 5-10 sprays as needed onto aching joints and apply to any muscle area that is cramping or sore. Massage the oil in with your hands for best results. Wash hands after use. Always consult your doctor before this product.

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