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Transform Your Water | Hydrogen Health Water Bottle + Shower Filter

$340.00 AUD $330.00 AUD
Embrace the synergy of hydration and purity with the Transform Your Water Bundle. Wellness from the inside out.   HYDROGEN HEALTH WATER BOTTLE    Removes Impurities: Bid farewell to unwanted contaminants, ensuring your water is pristine. Infuses Bioavailable Antioxidants: Experience the boost of bioavailable antioxidants for a revitalising impact on your well-being. Reverses Cellular Damage: Combat the effects of cellular damage as you hydrate, promoting overall health. Fights Aging from Oxidative Stress: Harness the anti-aging benefits by combating oxidative stress with every sip.   HYDROGEN HEALTH SHOWER FILTER:   Removes Chlorine + Heavy Metals, Pathogens and more: Purify your shower water, eliminating chlorine, heavy metals, pathogens, and other impurities. Restores Healthy pH & Nutrient Level: Immerse yourself in water that promotes a balanced pH and nutrient-rich experience. Boosts Collagen + Anti UV Damage: Enhance skin health by reducing the impact of UV damage and promoting collagen production. Easy Self Installation: Effortlessly integrate this sleek filter into your shower routine, transforming your water effortlessly. Available in Black & Silver: 

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