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Sculpting Roller

$60.00 AUD
Sculpt, contour & massage your face with the Ellodi V shaped Sculpting Roller. The ball roller is weighted to closely replicate a hand massage. Improve the contours and definition in your face by focusing the rollers on your cheeks and jawline. The massaging rollers work in unison to target areas and relieve tension, delivering a relaxing facial for you at home. The Sculpting Roller can be used on your face, neck or shoulders to relax and relieve muscle tension. Use with your favourite serum, face mask or moisturiser for a hydrating and relaxing experience. Prevention is key in your skincare regime. Activate your facial muscles and keep the tone in your neck and jawline,  

Stimulate your muscles to help improve the look and tone of your skin. Get the most from your skincare products by massaging them deeply into your skin.

Roll gently along your cheeks and jawline to sculpt and contour your face. For added benefits, apply your favourite serum, face mask, or moisturiser before using the roller to enhance hydration and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.

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