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Aubrey Daquinag

Energy + Mindset

$250.00 AUD

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Aubrey is a Certified Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Best-selling Author helping busy professionals, high achievers, successful business owners and leaders create more soul-aligned success by reconnecting with their intuition, purpose and personal power. Aubrey helps individuals looking for alignment, clarity, healing, or spiritual growth.

She has led keynote talks and workshops worldwide, sharing her wisdom as a thought leader in self-development, creativity and living a life with purpose, including Pinterest, Panasonic and The Pilates Class. Her own personal experience of trusting her intuition and taking grounded action is a testament to her work, from leaving a long-term eight-year relationship to travelling the world solo, which has resulted in the success of her thriving online business and internationally published books. She encourages everyone to listen to their inner callings and follow their soul purpose path to answer the question, “What does my heart truly want out of this life?”

After a decade of her own personal practice of meditation, Aubrey decided it was time to guide and share it with the world for the benefit of many.

Aubrey’s highly intuitive and empathic nature provides a safe space for transformation. Her approach is both healing and empowering and will connect you deeper so you can trust your authentic self and live a life that makes you feel truly alive.

Neurolinguistic Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
Life & Success Coach
Time Techniques
Sound Healing and Meditation Teacher
Emotional Freedom Technique Healing

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