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myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit - DNA Test

$99.00 AUD
Using the latest scientific research and cutting-edge technology, myDNA offers you access to real results that can help you achieve your goals.   Ever wondered why someone’s approach to health doesn’t work for you?The answer could be hidden in your DNA.  Discover how your body is likely to respond to food, exercise, sleep, vitamins and more, so you can make better choices and unlock a healthier lifestyle.   What you’ll get with a myDNA Personalised Wellness kit: DNA collection kit, including your at-home cheek swab - the key to your personalised wellness experience DNA Lab analysis at the myDNA state-of-the-art laboratory located in Melbourne, Australia 30+ DNA Insights into Weight Management, Fitness, Caffeine, Sleep, Skin Heart Health, B Vitamins, Bone Health, Heart Health and more! Access to the myDNA Unlocked smartphone app to examine your DNA Insights from anywhere - a lifetime blueprint for managing your health and wellness Discover scientifically backed information to help you understand your unique body Includes your personalised meal plans and everything you need to support behaviour change

DNA Insights into Fat Storage, Fat Burning, Appetite, Weight Regain, Power, Endurance, Injury Risk, Stamina, Recovery, Caffeine Metabolism, Caffeine’s Effect on Sleep, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Heart Health, Bone Health , B Vitamins, Sleep Disturbance and more

Follow the Step-by-step instructions included in the kit to take a saliva swab sample.
Send DNA sample to the lab using the paid reply envelope.
Get notified when results and insights are ready to be viewed.

Ships from Australia.

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