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Manifestation Pad

$44.95 AUD
A cross between a manifestation journal and a desktop planner, this guided notepad is a step-by-step guide to plan, accelerate, and track your goals. The ultimate tool for breakthrough manifestation. When your goals start to feel overwhelming, start here… The problem isn't that your dreams are too big, it's that you don't have a clear and easy-to-follow system to achieve them. This Manifestation Pad guides you in breaking down your aspirations into manageable daily steps. From setting clear goals to identifying actions to take, each day you'll be held accountable and feel empowered to take one step towards your goal. 26 Weekly pages, 6 months of Manifesting 25cm x 20.5cm

Printed on Luxe Recycled Paper
26 Weekly Pages
Size: W 25.5 cm x H 20.6 cm

After using the Manifestation Pad for the week you can expect to feel:

– Clarity about what you want in life

– Confidence within yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to

– A deeper understanding of your potential

– That you are in control of your daily interactions and outcomes

How to use: – At the top of every week, you fill out the left side to set an intention that you want to work on that week. – Every day, you outline the real-life commitments, eyes-open awareness, and affirmations that will bring you closer to your aspirations today.

Ships from Australia.

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