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Tara Hegerty

Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive, and Spiritual Practitioner

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How Working With This Practitioner Can Support You

Improve emotional well-being and navigate conflicts in relationships, fostering healthier connections with loved ones.

Gain insights and clarity on your life path, goals, and decision-making, empowering you to move forward with confidence.

Connect with your spirit guides and higher self in transformative sessions to identify and clear subconscious patterns and energetic blocks.

Achieve alignment on an energetic level, allowing love, money, and abundance to flow freely into your life.

Embody your life's mission, becoming a living expression of your purpose on this planet, and understanding the unique contributions you are here to make.

Tara Hegerty is a Business Energy Healer and Kinesiologist who understands the struggles that business owners face when they are seeking clarity in their lives and businesses. She is dedicated to helping conscious leaders find their path and positively impact the world.
Through her alignment sessions,
Tara offers a heart-centered approach to help business owners connect with their inner wisdom and align with their highest path.

Her goal is to empower struggling business owners to co-create with source and their higher selves, gain clarity, and fulfill their purpose in both life and business.

With Tara's guidance, business owners can move past their challenges, find their passion, and make a meaningful impact in the world.

BA (Psychology) – 2007, Certificate III in Fitness & Nutrition (Fitness Industry Training) – 2017, Holistic Counselling (Australian School of Holistic Counselling) – 2020, Meditation Teaching and Chair Yoga (Australian School of Holistic Counselling) – 2020, Akashic Record Practitioner (Center for Akashic Studies) – 2020, Akashic Record Practitioner (Center for Akashic Studies) – 2020, Reiki Master (Light of Wellness) – 2022, Diploma of Kinesiology (College of Kinesiology) – Current

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