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A healthy home is important for our bodies to function efficiently. Just as a cell responds according to its environment within the organism, human beings respond to the environment within the organism that is society and humanity. Cells, like humans, can only be as healthy as what they’re made of. Learn how to remove toxicity from your home, including the air, water, food, and products. Services, products, and information to support your environment.

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We become our environment, what’s in yours?

The environment has a huge impact on us in so many ways. It affects anything from our cells to our thinking.  

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True Woo's Best Tips For Enviroment.

Swap to organic.

Reduce toxins by choosing organic foods, natural fibre clothing, clean drinking water and non-toxic/organic cosmetics.

Improve air quality by getting indoor plants.

Indian researchers say it takes 6 plants per person to produce enough oxygen for the household. You can also improve indoor air quality with the use of air purifiers, natural or recycled furniture and opening windows when vacuuming.

Create a happy home.

Invite good energy into your home, through positive intention setting, cleansing, scents and crystals.

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