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Emma Lagerlow

Wealth & Mindset Coach

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Hi, I'm Emma, a wealth and mindset coach. In 2020 I began actively pursuing my passion for helping people. After a lifetime of coaching colleagues, friends and family members, I now support and guide my clients to connect with their innate brilliance so they live a fulfilled and joyful life and be the best version of themselves. I have studied personal development, life coaching, a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and have a corporate career of over 25 years. I'm a lifetime learner and currently an active member of The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology and a high-level Mastermind for women in business. I write for various publications, have a blog and online coaching programs. I'm a mum of four children, with a wealth of life experience and wisdom, which I harness together with intuition, practical coaching tools and well-being strategies to help clients to know themselves, find direction, instil calm and confidence and achieve their goals. I provide support in areas such as career and business goals, navigating relationships, making improvements to physical and/or mental health, financial guidance and confidence building. I'm a compassionate listener and take pride in talking openly, honestly and judgement-free to guide my clients to reclaim their sense of self and find greater fulfilment and joy in their lives.

Life Coach Practitioner Diploma (The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology) + Life Coaching (The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology) + BBus (UTS) + Statement of Attainment in eMarketing for Small Business (Tafe NSW) + Diploma of Freelance Journalism (Australian College of Journalism)

When you truly connect with your innate brilliance you live a more fulfilled and joyful life. I will help you bring about a new way of being, so you can let go of who you think you should be and become the person you really want to be. Your most fulfilling life is a close as simply knowing yourself better.

Who is this for:

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you lack the confidence or drive to get the things in life that you really want? Is your own happiness on hold and you don’t believe it's possible to be fulfilled? Are you prepared for what your life will look like in ten years time if you continue on the same path as right now?

What's Included:

This is a 3-month program with 6 x 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, approximately every two weeks, with support in between sessions via the platform chat feature and notes from each session. You can pay per session or there is a $101 discount if you pay for the 3-month program in full upfront in Plans. I also offer a complimentary 30-minute call where we go through the program and make sure we are good match. In this program you will be lovingly guided to formulate a plan for what you desire most, that may be making time for yourself, regaining financial control, focusing your energy on the things that matter most to you or reclaiming your sense of self and I will support you to take the steps to set and achieve your goals. Each session has a new life-coaching tool, beginning with life-balance, uncovering your core values, exploring the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life, discovering your passion and purpose, goal setting and formulating SMART goals so you have a clear plan to move forward. There is also accountability in between sessions. Working with me, you will gain access to my unique coaching methods and life experiences to help transform your life. I know you have dreams and goals and by working on achieving them, everyone in your life will also benefit. The ripple effect is real! As a private client, I will be your number 1 cheerleader, I will really listen to you and will be accessible, judgement-free to support you every step along the way to a more fulfilling life. Upon completion of this program you will understand yourself and your true identity better and you will have more self-acceptance, purpose, and presence so you can live your best life.

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