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woman lying in field earthing

Get Grounded: 3 Simple Techniques to Connect To The Earth

Harness the Power Of The Earth: Balance Your Body's Charge Through Grounding


Grounding, also known as earthing, is a practice that involves connecting your body directly with the Earth's surface. This can be achieved by walking barefoot, placing your bare hands on the ground, or using a grounding system. 


Being connected to the Earth's natural energy has a wealth of benefits for both physical and emotional health. Research has shown that grounding can reduce inflammation levels ( a key contributor to chronic health problems)  it can also ease pain, lower stress levels, boost digestion, enhance blood flow, and regulate your circadian rhythm.


How Does Grounding Work?

The Earth has a negative electrical charge, whereas stress, technology, and other factors can cause our bodies to become positively charged. Grounding helps to balance this excess positive charge by allowing the transfer of unlimited free electrons from the Earth to our bodies, which promotes healing at the cellular level.


Similar to how the sun's energy from 93 million miles away creates Vitamin D, the Earth beneath our feet directly impacts our overall health and well-being.


Unfortunately, over the years our connection to the natural world has diminished. In our modern lifestyle, prolonged indoor periods and limited outdoor exposure have weakened our connection to the Earth's natural energy. The increased use of technology and the prevalence of synthetic materials, such as rubber, plastic, and synthetic carpeting act as a barrier and only further isolate people from the earth's grounding energy. 


The good news is, you have the potential to reconnect.

So How Do We Access It?


Accessing the benefits of grounding is simple and straightforward. Our bodies, being mostly composed of water and minerals, act as excellent conductors of the earth's electrons, allowing us to receive their benefits through direct contact with the ground. 


To experience the effects of earthing, simply remove your shoes and spend at least 30 minutes with direct skin contact on natural earth sources such as grass, sand, dirt, or even concrete. Sitting or standing standing outdoors as well as activities like gardening, exercising, or swimming in a lake or ocean can also provide an effective way to connect with the earth's energy and frequencies.

Walking barefoot on the sand

The simple act of taking off our shoes and walking around outdoors is all it takes to tap into the powerful benefits of grounding.


Alternatively, there are earthing systems such as conductive mats, sheets, body bands, patches, and pads that can be used indoors at home or at your workstation, making reconnecting to the earth easily accessible on the go or at home.


What Can Disconnection From The Earth Feel Like?


Here are some signs that you might need to reconnect:


Chronic Fatigue 

If you're constantly tired and low on energy.

Trouble Sleeping

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep might indicate a lack of balance in your body's circadian rhythm.

Increased Stress

High-stress levels and a sense of overwhelm could be linked to being ungrounded.

Inflammation and Pain

Chronic pain and inflammation may be associated with an excess of positive charge in the body.

Emotional Imbalance

Feeling emotionally imbalanced, anxious, or overwhelmed might be a result of being disconnected from the Earth's natural rhythms.

Frequent Illness

A weakened immune system leading to regular illnesses may be a sign of a lack of grounding.

Poor Concentration

Difficulty focusing and poor concentration could be related to an imbalance in your body's electrical charge.

“Make Contact with the Earth to Neutralise Excess Positive Charge and Stimulate Cellular Healing”

Grounding Techniques You Can Try Now


1 . Lying Down Outdoors 

Enjoy a full-body grounding experience by simply lying down in a wide-open space, such as a park, beach, or backyard.


2 . Barefoot Walking

Take a stroll outdoors without shoes, whether it's on grass, sand, or soil.


3 . Outdoor Yoga  

Enhance your yoga practice by taking it outdoors and practising on the grass instead of a mat. Connect with the Earth's energy through various poses, both seated and standing, and add a touch of the Earth to your savasana pose.


4 . Outdoor Meditation 

Find a quiet outdoor spot, sit comfortably, and meditate to connect with the earth's energy.


5 .  Sleeping with Grounding Mats or Sheets

Maximise your body's healing and regeneration process while you sleep by using a grounding mat or sheet. A study, backed by infrared imaging indicated that subjects who suffered from chronic pain and insomnia managed to completely normalise their cortisol profiles and improve their sleep in just 8 weeks of sleeping on a grounding mat.


6. Using Other Grounding Product

Earthing products come in various forms to suit different preferences and lifestyles. For indoor use, mats and blankets provide a convenient way to stay grounded while working or relaxing. On the other hand, shoes with conductive soles are great for maintaining that connection when you're on the move, even on artificial surfaces.


By investing just 30 minutes a day to tap into the most natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging remedy you can revitalise your mind and reclaim your natural connection to the Earth. Consistency is key when it comes to earthing. It's not just a one-time fix; incorporating it into your routine can lead to lasting benefits.


So, why not give it a try and let the Earth work its magic!


Step into the Power of the Earth


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Indoor Earthing Products

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