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Earthing Oz

Grounding Mouse Mat Kit

$60.00 AUD $60.00 AUD
The Grounding Mouse Mat is a great way to connect to the Earth’s limitless supply of antioxidant producing electrons, discharge electrical stress and restore your body to its natural electrical state, and to facilitate healing.

1 x Mouse Mat - 25 cm x 25 cm
1 x 6m Coil Cord
1 x Earthing Adapter Plug

The conductive surface is carbon infused leatherette, adhered to a foam backing. It is vinyl/PVC free and latex free and has a soft leathery feel.

Earthing can help to support the following:
Better sleep
Reduction of inflammation and pain
Improved blood flow
Normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
Calming effects on the nervous system

Place the mat beside your computer keyboard and use it as a mouse pad.
Connect one end of the grounding cord to the mat's grounding port and the other end to a grounded electrical outlet or designated grounding point.
Ensure that your bare skin makes direct contact with the mat while using the mouse.
For other activities like watching TV, reading, or eating, position the mat on chairs or couches and sit on it, maintaining skin contact.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper usage and refer to any specific recommendations they provide.
Remember to regularly clean and maintain the mat as per the manufacturer's instructions to ensure its effectiveness.

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