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Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Love Language

Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Love Language

We all have unique ways of giving and receiving love. With five primary love languages—words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch—it's common for partners to have different dominant love languages, and that's completely normal. The key is to learn how to express love in a way that resonates with your partner and to be open and receptive to their preferred way of receiving love. This understanding and effort can significantly enhance your emotional connection and strengthen your relationship. This Valentine's Day, express your love with a gift that aligns with their love language.

Words of Affirmation

Nurture Self-Discovery and Positivity

Explore affirmation cards and guided journals, fostering a sense of encouragement and self-discovery through uplifting messages.

Insights into personality and self-discovery in a face reading or higher self-activation. Book a session as a gift

Receiving Gifts

Spoil with Gifts that Promote Self-Care

Exclusive Luxury Self-Care Gift Set

You become the best version of yourself when you take time for self-care. After all, you can't radiate love if your own cup is empty. 

Treat yourself or someone special to the gift of pure relaxation and rejuvenation with our Luxe Wellness Hamper.


Acts of Service

Thoughtful Actions for Support and Well-being

An energy healing session to restore balance, breathwork or guided meditation for mind-body renewal. That's the essence of genuine self-care.

Quality Time

Shared Experiences + Meaningful Conversations

Make your partner feel valued and prioritised by dedicating uninterrupted time to focus on your relationship and create lasting memories together.

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Conscious Relating Session with Jem Fuller

Strengthen the core pillars of your relationship with a session focused on communication, active listening, and love language fluency.

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Loco Love Chocolate

Artisinal chocolate handcrafted with ethically sourced, organic cacao & combined with the finest of superfoods, tonic herbs & healing spice. Loco Love twin-pack treats are individually wrapped in home compostable packaging, designed to be shared with someone you love or healthy self-indulgence.


By carefully selecting and incorporating the right scents, you can instantly set the mood and create an intimate environment that enhances your connection and kindles the flame of passion.

Physical Touch

Non-Verbal Expressions of Love

Physical touch can create a powerful bond between individuals and foster a sense of closeness and security. Nothing says "I love you " like a massage.

The Herb Farm Love Mood Mist

Love Mood Mist cocoons you in warmth and joy bringing a sense of love and comfort to both your skin and mind.


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