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Feeling Fulfilled: Can Meditation Help Reconnect You With Your Purpose?

What is Purpose?

Purpose is why you are here, it guides you, it is your inner compass. Sometimes we feel lost or stuck in a rut, not sure of how to rediscover what inspires us and makes us whole. 

Practices like meditation can help you with finding your passion and purpose, gain clarity and get back on track, live in alignment with your truth, and discover your purpose in life. Especially when you know the type of meditation that is best for your mind type and learn the fundamentals.

Get to know master practitioner Charlie Knoles, discover his philosophy on why it's important to learn what meditation style works for your mind type and explore his take on living a mindful life.

Being on Purpose

When considering our "purpose," we often associate purpose with what we do, how we use our time for our profession. This can quickly undermine our perception of the true meaning of purpose - leaving us feeling lost in the pursuit of finding it.

We can agree that purpose gives us direction, focus and meaning to life. On the road to discovering yours, you must first recognise that the form purpose shows up in is forever fluid - it can and may change at any given moment - and that's perfectly normal.  It is both a privilege and a beautiful process to give yourself permission to surrender into a flow state, where you can be aware when your purpose is calling to you.

To align with purpose you must develop your skills, experience, passion, and desires -- and most importantly, feel into your inner truth calling. Keep in mind how these factors relate to the world around you, what you can offer and how you wish to share your gifts with others -- while being open to limitless possibility.

Many people look for what to DO with life - are constantly discontent, irritated and derive value solely from DOING - preoccupied with what must be done to “become happy” or “find purpose.” This is not living life in flow.

Remind yourself, there is only the NOW. The future and past do not exist. If you are dissatisfied now, it is difficult to create a future where you are happy. Your goal is to be satisfied with what is now and accept the present moment. Give into potential and the wild unknown.

Are you ready to focus your attention inwards instead of looking for answers outside yourself? 

"Ikigai is the action we take in pursuit of happiness." 

Japanese Purpose Ikigai
T​​he Japanese practice of finding your purpose with Ikigai. 

Why Learn To Meditate?

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
  • Make better decisions
  • Experience more love and compassion
  • Bring deep peace and relaxation

Present Moment Awareness Aligns Purpose

When you reconnect with your purpose, you’re also in contact with your life force, and living in alignment with this universal energy. This connection to source is also why people who live their purpose often have unlimited energy, it is the ease of being and doing that becomes present moment living. 

When we experience feelings of burnout or are out of flow, we can simply hit reset by getting in touch with nature. It's a way to reprogram our being. Another quick way to hit reset is to practice daily meditation.

Finding present moment awareness through meditation can be harder than it sounds, this is often because the perception of what meditation is can be skewed. Perhaps you were only been taught one technique and no matter how hard you tried, it just wasn't for you? Or perhaps you tried a popular app, but the voice or the styles of the lessons just weren't hitting home? This is why learning your mind type can help you find the best meditation style for you.

Which Meditation is Best for Your Mind Type?

There is no one size fits all approach to meditating. We can get clear on our purpose in life when we cultivate present moment awareness, knowing ourselves and the way our minds work is the key to this so we can choose the techniques that help us evolve. Once we unlock a meditation technique that best suits our brain, we can cultivate calm and better tune into our true purpose. 

Right now we are offering a FREE toolkit that helps you reconnect with your purpose and you'll get an opportunity to learn from Charlie, discover your Mind Type and the Fundamentals of Mediation. 

By signing up for the True Woo Collective Newsletter you'll gain free access to a reconnection guidebook with reflections, writing exercises and practices for self discovery and the Meditation Fundamentals Course. 

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak"

How Do I Find Out Which Meditation Is Best For Me?

Good thing you asked. There are a few ways to get started. You can book a 1:1 session with Charlie to learn together or sign up for the True Woo Collective Newsletter to gain Free Access the Meditation Fundamentals Course. We'll also send you a guidebook with reflections, writing exercises and practices for self discovery and reconnecting with your purpose.

Can Meditation Help Me Reconnect to My Purpose in Life?

There are many ways to find meaning when you are lost, and yes, meditation is one of the tools we recommend for reconnecting.  The conscious mind is creative and is adaptable to change. The unconscious mind forms habits and resists change. To grow, we want to learn what has become a bad habit, discover how it formed, understand it's present hold over us, and use our conscious awareness to re-shape patterns. Meditation can help us form conscious awareness. In this state we are more aligned to reconnect with our purpose. If you're struggling, we encourage you to sign up and enjoy our free offering, or explore other coaches and wellness experts on True Woo, we're here for you. 

Products For Finding Purpose During Your Practice

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