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delve deep into your psyche and explore the mysteries of life

Scorpion Season Wellness Forecast

Scorpio season is here. Get ready to go deep. Dust off your pendulum and your oracle cards. It’s time to step into your power and align with your highest self.


Scorpio season is known as the darkest and most transformative time of the year. Associated with Halloween, the depths of humanity and our psyches, this is when the universe asks us to shine a light on all that needs to be witnessed and healed.  


If you feel like you’ve already had your fair share of shadow work and foundation-rocking life experiences lately, you’re not alone. We’ve just come out of an incredibly potent eclipse season that marked the beginning of a new cycle of change that will unfold over the next year and a half. These eclipses interrupted the status quo and now, we’re in a time of rebirth.


Scorpio season shows us that the old ways have to die to make way for what’s next. It’s never easy letting go of the things that have helped us survive until this point. But just like our winter coats and scarves that helped us through winter, as the sun comes out, we need to shed these things if we’re to make the most of spring - and not die of heatstroke when summer rolls around!


This is the season to delve deep into your psyche and explore the mysteries of life. Secrets may come to light and emotions will run high. Get ready to untangle from fears and step into your potential.


On 4 November, Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, shifts gears and goes direct. If you’ve been struggling to commit to your dreams or take the daily actions needed to bring them to life, you may start to feel a new sense of urgency. Saturn is here to tell you to pull up your socks and get down to business.


Then as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius on 23rd November, followed the very next day by Mars, the energy becomes lighter and more optimistic. The last week of the month is a beautiful time to take a short trip or learn something new. You’ll be inspired to seek experiences that broaden your horizons.

Alison Lasek - Astrologer

Alison has found astrology to be a powerful tool in illuminating her potential and opportunities for growth. With a proactive approach, she now harnesses the energies of the planets and loves sharing this ancient wisdom with curious humans. Do you seek further guidance in exploring the mysteries of the cosmos? 

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