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Dentists love Gem ... Every ingredient in Gem was carefully selected and is underpinned by scientific research, like hydroxyapatite, a safe and proven ...

Are Toxins Hiding in your Oral Care?

Brushing your teeth regularly is one of those fundamental lessons you learn in childhood. Looking after our teeth is important to maintain a healthy smile. What is not so apparent to everyone is the importance of oral hygiene and its connection to our overall general health. The mouth is the gateway to our digestive and respiratory tracts and also houses our oral microbiome, the second-largest and most diverse microbiota after the gut, so while many of us tend to focus on illuminating the toxins and chemicals we ingest or use on our skin, the toothpaste we use on a daily basis is overlooked

This is precisely the situation Georgia Geminder, founder of Gem Oral Care, encountered. After years in the beauty industry, she realised that while many people were diligently avoiding harmful toxins in their skincare and diets, they were overlooking the toxins present in their daily oral care routines.

Georgia's understanding of the importance of forming healthy habits to support the microbiome deepened during her time working for a large kombucha company. This experience served as a catalyst for her two-year quest to create the perfect natural toothpaste, one that would be free from harmful chemicals and supportive of overall oral health.

Gem Founder Georgia
Georgia Geminder | Founder & CEO of GEM Oral Care

Why It's Important to Clean Up Your Oral Care Routine

One ingredient, Triclosan, has been banned in soap and body wash but still lurks in some toothpastes. By choosing to eliminate harmful toxins and replace them with science-backed, functional ingredients, you can harness the power of nature supported by scientific research.

Read up on the list of the dirty 9 found in oral care products at Gem's website and see a list of their healthier oral care ingredients.

Oral Care Products as Beautiful as Your Smile

You may have come across the pastel-coloured range of whitening, brightening, and protecting oral care range that not only supports healthy habits but also provides trendy packaging that looks great in any bathroom.

Gem Product Line
Image: Gem Oral Care​​
• No Parabens • Dentist-approved • No Artificial Flavours • No Animal Testing
"The average Australian spends 24 hours a year filling their mouth with the same toxins found in toilet cleaner and rat poison" - Gem

Triple Whitening Toothpaste

The original toothpaste and first product from Gem replaces fluoride with a mineral derived from coconut called hydroxyapatite. This substitute is a biocompatible compound and therefore readily absorbed right down to the tooth’s root and works to remineralise the tooth enamel as effectively as fluoride.

Fluoride Triple Whitening Toothpaste

As Gem mentions, “Fluoride is our oral care friend in small doses.” Gem uses mineral-origin fluoride, which is proven to help prevent dental cavities, repair tooth enamel, and aid in tooth remineralisation by slowing enamel erosion.

Whiting Pen

Another star player in the range is the A low-sensitivity, high-performing tooth whitening pen. Get a brighter, whiter smile for just $20. Available in two signature flavours crispy mint and coconut.

Rinse & Repeat

Free of the chemicals found in regular mouthwash Gem's natural formula supports and protects your mouth's delicate ecosystem. Gentle on the gums and tough on the bacteria we don’t want. Leaving you with a clean feeling and lasting freshness without the use of alcohol.

Your Questions Answered

Does The Gem Oral Care Whitening Pen work?

The Gem formula has been specially curated for optimal whitening without irritation. Consistency is key. The Gem whitening pen is lightweight and portable so there is no excuse for committing to the routine.

Does Natural Toothpaste Work?

Natural toothpaste gently and effectively cleans your teeth, while using nature's toolkit of plant extracts, natural minerals, and antiseptic essential oils to fight bacteria. Oral care gets a much-needed upgrade with plant-based ingredients.

Is Natural Toothpaste Safe for Kids?

Since Gem avoids the use of many questionable ingredients, we are safe for the oral care of junior brushers. We recommend that if under 6 years old, children use a pea size amount and brush while an adult’s watching

Do Natural Oral Care Products Help with Bad Breath?

Absolutely. Natural oral care products often incorporate antibacterial agents from plant extracts to combat bad breath while promoting overall oral health.

Can Gem Oral Care Products Be Used with Dental Work, Such as Braces or Implants?

Yes, Gem Oral Care products are designed to be compatible with various dental work. However, for personalised advice, it's recommended to consult with your dentist.

Does Gem Oral Toothpaste Contain Fluride?

Gem Oral Care offers both fluoride and fluoride-free options to cater to individual preferences. Check product labels to choose the formulation that aligns with your dental needs.

Tips For Brushing Your Teeth:

After brushing, spit out any excess toothpaste. Don't rinse your mouth immediately after brushing. Rinsing dilutes the active ingredients that protect your teeth’s enamel. 

Bonus Tip From True Woo Practitioner Jem Fuller:


When trying to incorporate a new habit or routine into your life, try linking the new habit to an existing one as a 'pair trigger.' For example, link the new habit of practicing Mindfulness WITH the existing habit of brushing your teeth - the time we set aside for oral care be a great moment to work on those mindful mantras or positive affirmations.


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