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Reece Carey

PT + Holistic Health Practitioner

Claire Gallagher

Business Coach + Change Consultant

Jem Fuller

Leadership & Communication Coach


About Jem Fuller:
From his punk days squatting in London and barefoot backpacking years on the Indian sub-continent, right through to senior leadership within a multi-national company, Jem has lived the extremes. His stories and life lessons draw from experiences as an actor and singer- songwriter, global tattooist, fire dancer, kindergarten teacher and volunteer in Asia, motorcycle courier and travel consultant, Reflexologist and Chinese Masseuse, and in the last decade, executive coach, facilitator and leader of retreats in the Himalaya. Jem's first published book, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men was launched in 2021. Jem relates his wild travel and life stories into practical and powerful strategies for his speaking themes: - Change Your Mind; Change Your Life - how Jem turned his mid-life crisis into an opportunity to create his dream life - A Life on Purpose - creating teams of engaged and aligned individuals - Conscious Communication - a formula for next level communication.