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Justine Janssen

Yoga + Somatic Practitioner

Tara Seymour

Yoga Nidra + Breathwork

Miranda Wise

Meditation + Mindfulness Coach
Post Grad. Dip. Teaching and Guiding Meditation & Mindfulness (Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness) + Adv. Cert. Guiding and Teaching Meditation (Australian Centre for Holistic Studies)
My Bio:
I am a fully qualified Meditation & Mindfulness teacher and Member of Meditation Australia. With an easeful, integrative style and everyday approach to meditation, I teach a variety of techniques to help navigate stress, anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm. I guide from an experience of and understanding that our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is all connected… when one is disrupted the whole is often impacted. My classes will allow you to explore a range of techniques and find tools that resonate and fit in with your lifestyle helping to bring a sense of ease and balance to your every day life.

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