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Lorraine Magasanik


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Moving is my passion as is helping others move mindfully, safely and with joy. Pilates has helped me navigate my way into my 40’s and now into my 50’s as an athlete and a lover of movement. I have been teaching Pilates since 2010, and have specialised in teaching small group and private sessions, individually tailoring each program for each client. I teach with a detail specific to the need and body in front of me. Pilates is a wonderful practice for individuals in all demographics, but maybe especially for those moving through and into their later decades. It helps us to connect and reconnect with our bodies as we find our bodies changing in various ways. The Pilates method and the way I interpret and teach it, is a brilliant practice for all bodies. We do not work to muscle up. We work to improve our circulation and breathwork. We work to connect our bodies and minds. We work to tone up. Above all we work to be graceful, more coordinated, and more balanced. These aspects are the key qualities to our movement practices that can be challenged as we move past our younger years and into our mid-life and beyond. This is what brought me to my current teaching and building my clientele at Beyond Pilates with Lorraine. I love working with women who are entering and going through menopause as well as Active agers, and men and women working beyond their competitive days as Athletes. We cannot go backwards we cannot return in time and change the habits that may have had an effect on our bones and muscular/skeletal systems. There is so much to both learn and practice to move forward with our bones and our health.

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491NSW) with National Pilates Training. Level 1 200 Hour LYT Yoga Instructor Level 1 200 Hour ACY Yoga Instructor

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