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Julia Goeller

Ayurveda + Past Life Regressionist

Kristy Ismay

Reiki + Spiritual Practitioner

Jacqui Fellew

Self Directed Healing Practitioner 
Self Direct Healing Practitioner
About Jacqui Fellew:
I am an intuitive and empathetic Self Directed Healing Practitioner. My intent is to hold a sacred space for you to release emotional pain and limiting beliefs energetically through the physical body and the conscious mind. Self Directed Healing helps anxiety, addiction, overthinking, lack of self love and self care, feelings of helplessness and self sabotage, to name a few. This modality is powerful and transformational. Self Directed Healing will lead you to new level of freedom, peace & balance in your life. As a mother, partner, business owner and a human on the planet at this time, Self Directed Healing has given me a greater insight to my body, moods and behaviour & thought patterns. When I’m not taking a deep dive into emotional healing you can find me recharging my soul bush walking with my dog or camping with family and friends on the coast of NSW.