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Reece Carey

PT + Holistic Health Practitioner

Evie Morris

Certified Mat Pilates and Professional Dance Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructor, Bachelor of Dance, Masters of Arts Education
About Evie Morris:

I am a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer and Pilates instructor. The demanding physicality and artistry required for a long and successful career as a performer turned me to Pilates as a mainstay for injury prevention and rehabilitation and improving movement strength and quality. Continuing my work as an artist, I have also been teaching for over a decade, using my knowledge from both worlds to tailor Pilates classes to dancers and individual clients seeking improvement in their alignment, flexibility and strength. This interpretation of classic Pilates principles and techniques offers additional benefits to training and movement understanding that I have shared for many years in group classes and 1:1 sessions.


You absolutely do not need to be a dancer to benefit from these classes. I design programs specific to your goals and current levels to help you progress along your fitness journey. So whether you are just starting out, have injury issues, or are looking for extra challenges in your movement, I am here to educate on best practice, and ensure your body is as efficient, mobile and strong as possible