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Kristy Ismay

Reiki + Spiritual Practitioner

Julia Goeller

Ayurveda + Past Life Regressionist

Danielle Coppleson

Doula + Mindfulness Coach
End of Doula Training - Life and End of Life ( Preparing The Way 2020) + Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Nursing Notre Dame University, North Sydney) + Translational Research reviewing models of Integrated physical and mental health care (University of Technology, 2019) + Mindfulness Training (Mindfulness Works 2020) + Tribe Leader for Cronulla Fluro Surfing as part of One Wave Non -for Profit organisation which raises awareness of mental health
My Bio:
I am an end-of-life doula. I offer practical, emotional, and spiritual health services along with education, to people experiencing diagnoses' such as cancer and/or end of life. Comforting people comes naturally. I am passionate about supporting others during difficult times; holding a safe space, listening, allowing emotions to flow. Enabling people to clarify what they need, make informed choices, identify strengths or coping mechanisms and creating compassionate communities. After 25 years as a registered nurse in public mental health, and working as a support person for people living with diagnoses such as cancer, or at end of life, I have seen how people can be blindsided by a new diagnosis or significant health event. This can feel frightening, and all consuming. People and their carers, are often provided medical treatment but not always holistic care, during what can be a very precious time. The concept of nurturing and understanding a person's culture and community is also very important in my work. It would be an honour to provide emotional support, practical help, connection to strengths within to assist with recovery and/or transition to a next stage.

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