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Our emotions are our inner GPS system.

Our emotions are our inner GPS system.

Emotions are beautiful, they remind us that we are human. Our capacity to feel is part of the human experience and if listened to, guides us to what we want. There is no right or wrong emotion, they come, and they go, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. Our role is to flow with them. Resisting the flow leads to suppression and storage of emotion in our tissues.  

 One of the most overlooked aspects of rehabilitation and conditioning are our unresolved emotional stressors. Emotions are our energetic expression of our thoughts and beliefs. We store these in our organs and glands, as energy in motion. Our emotions symbolise our reality to such a degree that they can be stronger than our own conscious awareness of our unconscious emotional self-expression. When imbalanced we can unconsciously influence an outcome in any relationship with self and/or other without realising what we are creating in any moment.  

Hormones & Emotions 

It’s the hormones that are produced by our organ system that act as the subtle interface between the tangible and non-tangible. Our psyche is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. The combination of these allows us to have that experience and it’s our emotions that hold it all together. It’s imperative that our organs and glands are kept healthy through healthy eating, stress management and staying hydrated as well as staying in touch with our natural sleep/wake cycles.  

When you suppress yourself, you suppress your dream which, leaves us walking around with a backpack full of mental, emotional, and spiritual bricks that’s heavier than anything in the gym. It causes pain and dysfunction and often, that backpack is carried around all day, every day.  

Let it flow… 

We are driven primarily by earthly (seasonal), solar and lunar (circadian) rhythms. Our secondary influences are the astrological frequencies coming from the constellations. These circadian, lunar, and annual rhythms are the drivers of our biology and physiology. The more someone goes against these rhythms, the more stressed they become and move backwards on their own biological evolution. When you disrupt your sleep/wake cycles, you disrupt all other cycles. The sun drives our stress hormones. As stress increases, the ability to repair ourselves gets pushed back and typically symptoms start to show up.  

By living in flow with universal rhythms, we have the potential to become more flexible, opening us up to different solutions, experiences, and ideas. Learning to listen to your emotions and tuning into nature, we can learn to swim downstream, rather than going against the current.  

Suppression & Expression 

One of the most common causes of emotional suppression happens in childhood when a child cries or expresses emotions for any reason and the parent or caregiver tells the child don’t cry, it’ll be ok” and puts a dummy in the child’s mouth. While this may seem harmless and even a lovely gesture from the parent or caregiver, it tells the child not to express their feelings and emotions. It’s the adult saying: I can’t handle this noise and it makes me uncomfortable to hear it. Put your emotions aside so I can have peace. In other words, the adult is attempting to plug” their own emotions and teaches the child to do the same.  

Where does this emotion go? It certainly doesn’t go away. It gets stored in the tissues of the brain and body and ultimately throughout the child’s life during times of stress it can manifests as anxiety, joint and muscular pain, digestive disorders, insomnia and a myriad of other symptoms.  

Feelings need to be expressed and shared. Our soft tissues (organs and muscles) reflect our emotional anatomy therefore tensions can be effectively stretched, massaged, exercised, and breathed out. Sharing how you feel with those close to you is also a great way to allow the weight of the world to come off your shoulders. Communicate your wants, feelings and needs ie I feel…I want…I need… expresses your truth without the other person feeling judged and maintaining a connection. When we remain connected, we can see the others’ viewpoint and even expand our own awareness which, ultimately keeps us present. 

As uncomfortable and unnatural as it may seem, don’t be afraid to share how you feel, to honour your emotions and acknowledge them as they arise. When we allow ourselves to feel, we go with the flow, and we can allow others to feel safe to do the safe.  

What emotions are coming up for you right now? 

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