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a lunar eclipse

Eclipses and Transformation - October 2023 Astrology Update


There’s no two ways about it, October is a month of major transformation. Whether you’re ready for a shake-up or not, the Eclipses are here to do just that. Eclipse energy stirs us at a soul level and brings things to the surface that need to change.


Eclipses are among the most powerful astrological events. They can mark significant turning points in our lives. They are the universe’s number one tool to usher us onto our highest paths, whether that feels comfortable or not.


Can you trust whatever is happening in your life right now is for your highest good?


Eclipses always come in pairs and the first is a solar eclipse, taking place on 15 October in Libra. Expect any areas you’re prioritising balance and harmony over your own needs to come into view. This is an opportunity to courageously step into your power.


The second eclipse happens on 29 October in Taurus, asking you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you, including old beliefs about your worthiness. It’s time to value yourself, your time and energy in radical new ways.


It’s not uncommon to feel overstimulated and a bit ungrounded during eclipse season. Some of the best ways to care for yourself this month are:


  1. Reflection – slow down, pay attention to what’s shifting and use journaling as a tool for greater clarity and understanding.

  2. Nature – spend as much time outside as you can, look at the sky, and get your feet in the grass.

  3. Water – drink plenty of H2O and get your body into the ocean, bath or shower.

  4. Breathe – connect with your breath in your favourite ways, e.g. swimming, yoga, meditation or breathwork.


If you have a regular manifestation practice, it’ll be important to take some time out this month. Eclipses ask us to release control, simply observe what’s being presented to us and let the universe do its thing.

Alison Lasek - Astrologer

Alison has found astrology to be a powerful tool in illuminating her potential and opportunities for growth. With a proactive approach, she now harnesses the energies of the planets and loves sharing this ancient wisdom with curious humans. Do you seek further guidance in exploring the mysteries of the cosmos? 

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