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Rachel Tonkin Dur with Husband Onur and Son Ashy

A Tribute To Rachel Tonkin Dur

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of Rachel Tonkin Dur, co-founder and inspiration of True Woo. Rachel courageously shared her cancer journey with the True Woo community, but after two years of fighting with unwavering spirit and determination, it was time for Rachel to rest.

Rachel's vibrant smile was a true reflection of her kind, compassionate, and generous spirit. Her resilience and determination shone through as she viewed cancer as a teacher, imparting valuable lessons on the significance of family, friends, love, time, spirit, and hope. Rachel fought for life itself, and in doing so, she taught us what true strength and courage look like.

On behalf of myself and the entire True Woo Team, we extend our love and supporting energy to Rachel’s son Ashy, husband Onur, sister Samantha, and extended family. 

In moments like these, words always fall short, but I will do my best to share my personal reflections on Rach.

First Rach, I want to express my gratitude for reaching out to me 18 months ago and trusting me to launch True Woo with you. Your deep passion and determination for creating a curated wellness platform that combined the ‘spirit and the science’ was infectious from day one. Your passing has left us with a deep sense of loss, but the way you handled your challenges with resilience and grace is a testament to the person you were and the legacy you leave behind. Your spirit remains with us and I have no doubt that you will continue to guide us to bring your wellness vision to reality. 

I can honestly say I have yet to meet a more courageous person and you continue to inspire me every day. Thank you Rach x

Gregg Taylor
True Woo Co Founder and Director

In Loving Memory Of 

Rachel Tonkin Dur

Loving mother, wife, sister, friend, mentor and co-founder of True Woo.
An incredible role model and inspiration.

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