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Resilience Self Paced Course - Jem Fuller

$690.00 AUD
10 self-paced modules with 6 months accountability and coaching. Any time, any place, any device. Course Outcomes Your Resilience is an easy and powerful course that has proven to ✔ increase wellbeing ✔ improve resilience ✔ help you thrive Course Includes ✔ The online component of 10 easy modules ✔ with downloadable resources ✔ 6 months of weekly habit-forming reminders ✔ monthly live group coaching calls ✔ accountability to ensure lasting change This course is for you if you want... ✔ Practical and simple steps to make the changes you need ✔ More energy on a day to day basis ✔ To be able to manage and reduce anxiety levels ✔ To be able to calm your nerves ✔ To know how to access your calm confidence ✔ Simple and effective methods to integrate mindfulness daily ✔ To inspire people around you to live their best life

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