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Meditation Fundamentals: Transcendence & Self Discovery Meditation

$150.00 AUD
Access your full creative potential with this powerful 4 part introduction to Transcendental Meditation. Experience healing for anxiety, stress and insomnia as you master on of the four meditative states, leaving you feeling calm, vibrant and rejuvenated. Guided by Meditation Expert Charlie Knoles15 Modules Quiz, Video Lessons, & Guided Meditation 1. Introduction - How to take this course - Basics quiz 2. Day 1 What to do today 3. Preparing to Meditate 4. Transcendence /Self Discovery Meditation 5. Day 2 What to do today 6. Transcendence/Self Discovery Meditation 7. Making it easier to meditate 8. Central Concepts 9. Day 3 What To do today 10. Transcendence/Self Discovery meditation 11. More about how to meditate 12. Meditation and the Body 13. Day 4 What to do today 14. Transcendence /Self Discovery Meditation 15. Meditation and consciousness Transcendence/Self Discovery

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