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Australia, Herbal Hiraeth, NA, Spiritual

Sweetgrass Braid Incense


Sweetgrass braid -

The burning of Sweetgrass braids has been used for centuries for harmonising the mind, body and spirit. The sweet smoke transforms negative energy into positive, it helps elicit emotional inner strength. Burn when you are feeling out of emotional balance and let the sweet smoke and ancient energy harmonise your self and home.

Listing is for 1 x braid, Approx 12cm long.

Ignite the tip with a lighter/candle flame, carry under heat proof dish to catch any falling ash or herb & disperse its smoke around your home, you, or whatever you wish to cleanse the energy of. Once finished, leave on a heat proof dish to burn out. Never leave a lit or smoking braid unattended at any time. Keep away from flammable items & out of children’s reach.


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