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Silk Essentials Set

$70.00 AUD
Beauty sleep really is that, the time in which you and your skin rejuvenates. So, are you catching z's or counting sheep? We spend a lot of our lives in bed - yet often overlook what we're willing to invest to keep it a happy, restful place. Part of good quality sleep, healthy skin and overall sleep hygiene is using the right bedding and accessories, which is why we created the Silk Essentials kit. It will: Prevent sleep lines and wrinkles by providing a smooth sleepy surface Keep your skin hydrated because silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, and won't dry you out Improves hair quality as silk leads to less breakage and frizz Regulates temperature for better sleep. Satin and polyester generates heat Set includes: 1x Silk pillow slip 1x Silk headband 1x Silk eye mask Our Silk Essentials Set is made from 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk (or best in class for silk newbies)

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