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Silicone Facial Cleanser with Heated Massage

$120.00 AUD
Cleanse, exfoliate, and lock in hydration. Anti bacterial silicone bristles for gently and deeply clean your pores without damaging your skin. Sonic vibrations to improves circulation and boosts skin tone. Heated massage to enhance blood flow and maximise serum absorption post-cleanse. 

Gentle yet deep cleansing with sonic vibrations, preserving your skin's integrity.
Pulsating heated massage diminishes dark circles and puffiness while enhancing serum and cream absorption.
Waterproof design for shower convenience.
Antibacterial silicone ensures hygiene with each use.
Sleek and flexible, it tackles hard-to-reach areas effectively.
Travel-friendly with a protective cover.
User-friendly one-touch control for effortless operation.

To cleanse gently massage your face with the silicon brush in circular motions, focusing on areas that require cleansing or exfoliation.
For heated eye massage, apply serums and place device over your eye area.

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