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Sensitive Body Care Bundle

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· Mugwort Seeds · Body Love Bath Salts · Body Love-Mushroom Oil Blend or Coffee Bean oil . Saffron Salve . Persian Rose Buds . Magic Mask-Face+BodyWe are an all-female owned company with a degreed Earth Scientist as our formulator/founder with close to 1000 women working for our brand abroad and local “Upper Ojai, CA.”, on the farms we support and receive our sustainable ingredients. We import and formulate ancient Persian products from "Iran, Morocco, Egypt + Kenya" that are not readily available in the USA. We source the best available hand-selected quality ingredient and with much inconvenience we get it shipped to the USA. We appreciate all the challenges simply because we love and respect our ancient cultures and love to educate and share its gems with the people in these beautiful countries; USA, Canada, + Europe. Mugwort SeedsThis ancient Persian detox has been passed down through generations. Harnessing the natural detoxifying powers of mugwort seed also known as “Khak-Shir” brings balance to your diet. With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the powers to calm stress and reduce anxiety, “Khak-Shir” is a one-stop source of the nutrients your body needs to detox liver and purify the blood cells. The seeds detox your gut and your liver, which then allow for healthier red blood cells that act as a medium culture for all of your 50 trillion cells. Thus, allowing your immune cells for growth and repair. Body Love Bath SaltsWe use the highest quality of essential oils that are CO2 extracted and perfect for sensitive prone skin. However, in order for us to preserve this quality of the oil and the quality of the salts, we must use air sealed containers that protect the efficacy of our products. We have tested over 50 containers, and this was the winner in terms of preserving quality and protecting while it gets shipped out. However, it is a bit inconvenient when it comes to opening them, but we feel confident we provide a product where our quality does not get compromised. These salt blends are formulated for troubled skin, and people that have pain in their muscles and joints. Therefore, we make sure when it gets placed into the hot water, the smell is mild and shortly after it gets evaporated back into the water, so no irritation occurs to the skin. Body Love-Mushroom Oil Blend or Coffee Bean oilThis traditional therapeutic mushroom blend can heal your skin on so many levels due to its ancient performance.orAll organic:Kenyan Green Coffee Bean Oil Moroccan Argan Oil Santa Barbara Jojoba Oil Upper Ojai, California Spanish Sage Oil Extract California Sweet Almond Oil Upper Ojai, California. Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract Mongolian Sea Buckthorn Oil Japanese Algae Extract UK Organic Cosmetic Prebiotic Inulin From Chicory Roots Saffron SalveThis is soothing + calming salve for dry, sensitive and cracked skin. It is a safe + great salve for babies and children’s skin. Saffron used by royals in Ancient Persia will brighten the skin and improve blood flow to the skin. 2 Oz.Persian Rose Buds From Kashan Iran Hand-selected and Small batch Bio-dynamic and Sustainable Farming Organic

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