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SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 11

$110.00 AUD $84.00 AUD
Smart, convenient and protective, SafeSleeve Detachable Anti-Radiation Cases use FCC-certified lab proven radiation shielding material in the front flap of the case to block up to 99% of RF radiation and over 92% of ELF radiation from your mobile. A detachable version of the SafeSleeve case, with a magnetically detachable inner case which can be easily and entirely removed from thecase Simply position the front flap of the case between your phone and your head, hand or body to block up to 99% of RF radiation from your phone Place your phone securely in the custom-sized inner case with cut-out camera hole specially designed for the iPhone 11 camera Includes three built-in RFID-protected card slots plus an insert for storing cash Available in a range of colours Compatible with the iPhone 11. Check out our guide to choosing the right SafeSleeve case. 

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