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Red Light Therapy Power Panel Portable

$399.95 AUD $399.95 AUD
This battery-operated portable red light therapy device is ideal for carrying red light and infrared device with you everywhere you go since it is conveniently compact while being incredibly effective. this unit is perfect for traveling, whether you are on the road or away on holiday.  This red light device has all flicker removed and is low EMF. Our Red Light PowerPanel Portable is made with specifically chosen and the most beneficial wavelengths of 660nm of red light and 850nm of infrared light.

LEDs: 15 x 5w
LED Power Class: 75w
Wavelengths: 660nm Red Light & 850nm Infrared Light
Inbuilt Timer: 10 minutes
Dimensions: 150x75x30mm
Beam angle: 60 degrees
Battery Life: 6000hours
Irradiance: >115 mw/cm2 at 7.5cm (3 inches)
Flicker: ZERO
EMF: <0.1uT

Assist in alleviating and supporting muscle recovery
Improved sleep quality
Skin rejuvenation
Experience the benefits of our device with Low EMF and Flicker-Free technology

For a general treatment, hold your panel approximately 50cm away from the desired area for 4-6 minutes. For more intensity, bring it closer—5-20cm away—for an extended duration of 10-20 minutes.

Protective glasses recommended during use.

BlockBlueLight's Red Light Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Red Light Device PowerPanel is a low-risk general use LED light product

Ships from Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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