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Red Light Therapy Power Panel Mini

$599.95 AUD $599.95 AUD
This Red Light Therapy Panel uses 660nm and 850nm healing wavelengths with Zero flicker and the highest power red and infrared LEDs available. These wavelengths of near-infrared light at therapeutic levels are designed to optimize cellular function, and improve overall health and wellness. Find out what Red Light Therapy treatments can be used for and the benefits discovered here. This Red Light Therapy Panel design provides 200 watts of high-powered targeted treatment, low EMF and allows for anywhere, anytime use of red light therapy.

LEDs: 40 x 5w
LED Power Class: 200W
Wavelengths: 660nm (red), 850nm (near infrared)
Irradiance: >120mw/cm2 at 6 inches
Timer Control: 10/15/20mins
Flicker: ZERO
Switches: Dual switches, one for 660nm (Red) and on for 850nm (NIR). Use Red only, Near Infrared only or both at the same time.
Beam Angle: 60 degrees
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

Assist in alleviating and supporting muscle recovery
Improved sleep quality
Skin rejuvenation
Experience the benefits of our device with Low EMF and Flicker-Free technology

Position the PowerPanel Mini on a stable surface, like a table or countertop. Maximise the benefits with 10-15 minute treatment sessions for optimal results.

BlockBlueLight's Red Light Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Red Light Device PowerPanel is a low-risk general use LED light product

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