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Pyrite Rough Large

$85.00 AUD
Energy: Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is a great stone in support of personal energy and its structure. When we don’t have defined boundaries, situations in life become unclear we might lose our sense of direction and purpose. Because of its cubic structure, Pyrite has the necessary energy in supporting our own structure especially in those areas where personal boundaries are necessary.Cleanse and Recharge: Recharge with quartz crystals or with sea salt in the sun. DO NOT use water.Family/Structure: Sulphide CubicChemical Composition:  Iron SulphideChakra: Solar Plexus (3rd), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th) ChakrasColour: The brassy-yellow metallic colour of pyrite has in many cases lead to people mistaking it for Gold, which created common nickname 'Fools gold'Physical: Because of its iron component Pyrite can support blood issues especially with energy and vitality. The sulphur component acts as a fast analgesic. Pyrite is thought to create a better balance and flow between right and left brain function and enhances memory. This helps transform the intuitive and creative ( right brain ) thought into logical and well-reasoned ( left brain ) action.  It is also widely used to protect against infections and viral attacks, and to help attain a more ideal state of health. Chinese Medicine: Because of its components Pyrite is relaxing and nourishing. It provides the body with the necessary energies to move cold stagnation issues.Works well with: Pyrite is incompatible with Hematite and Amethyst. It works extremely well with activating crystals like Citrine and Golden Labradorite.Measures approximately: 11.5 wide x 9.5 long x 6.5 tall cms. Weight 1.3 kgFree shipping in Aus when you spend over $50

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