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International, Mental, Physical, Seeb 'n Solace, Vegan

Premium Persian Purple Tea "Sleep Aide-Night Tea"



"Persian Herbal Flower Tea. Flower power for relaxation. This plant grows on the slopes of the Alborz mountains of Iran and has many species

Gol- gav- zaban (Echium) is an herb that grows in the north Eastern part of Iran and its dried purple flower is brewed the same way you brew tea leaves. It should be noted that “Borage” is the European type of the plant, and “Echium” is the original and Persian type.

Gol (flower) gav (cow) zaban (tongue) literally means cow tongue flower.

There was an ancient myth, that ;It was added to wine in the medieval times for enhancing courage.

There is also a mythical tale that the Persian fortune tellers and magicians used it to receive information and seduction from their clients.


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