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No Blue Amber Book Light

$39.95 AUD
The NoBlue Book Light is a rechargeable amber book light that is 100% blue light-free. It is designed to clip perfectly to books, notepads, e-readers, or virtually anything with an edge!The perfect addition to your nighttime routine especially when trying to reduce blue light exposure from our smart devices. The high-quality flexible design makes it easy to store on your bedside table or as the perfect travel companion. It features an integrated rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of runtime, 3 brightness settings, flicker-free technology, and low EMF.

High Quality 100% Blue Light Free Amber Light
Flicker Free Technology
Rechargeable 1200mAh Lithium Battery
up to 30 Hours at 25% brightness
Adjustable brightness Levels of 20, 40 and 80 lumens
360 Degree Bendable Neck Cord
Micro USB Charging Cable included
Sturdy Base Clip with Rubber Mat Grips which converts to a desk/table lamp
28cm Long, Fully Extended
9cm x 8cm When Rolled Up

Flicker Free Technology
3 Brightness Settings
Warm & Relaxing Light

Clip the NoBlue Book Light to the edge of your book, notepad, e-reader, or any other surface you'd like to illuminate. The clip is designed to hold securely. Alternatively you can use the base clip with rubber mat grips to convert it to a desk/table lamp.

Ships from Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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