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Island Blend Honey

$14.95 AUD
A Great Everyday Raw Honey! Light and luxurious with a delicious floral kick, This Island Blend Raw Honey is bursting with unique flavours from the untouched bush of Flinders Island, Tasmania.  To create this special native blend, bees happily forage nectar of kunzea, coastal tea tree, manuka, blue gum and other seasonal wildflowers. The result is a symphony of beautiful floral accents combined with a refined, mellow, delicate sweetness. 100% raw, cold-extracted and unprocessed, this multi-floral blend is the perfect everyday honey for the whole family. Please note, due to Quarantine restrictions Tasmanian Honey is not available to be sent to Western Australia, Kangaroo Island or New Zealand.

100% raw, multi-floral Tasmanian Wildflower Honey

100% Raw Tasmanian Honey
Single Origin and Fully Traceable
Organic and GMO-Free
Natural Medicinal Properties
Unfiltered and Unprocessed
All Natural, Native Honey
No Additives, Colourants or Preservatives
Sustainable and Ethical Beekeeping Practices

Try this golden goodness paired with a mild goat's cheese or soft brie to enjoy a comforting flavourful explosion.

It also makes a delectable morsel when drizzled over a toasted crumpet or freshly baked bread.

You can also use it as a healthier sweetener alternative in your favourite warm drinks, or sample it straight from the spoon.

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