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Indoor Mosquito & Bug Trap - Black

$69.99 AUD
Zap-Free Bug Trap by Quash Eradicate gnats, fruit flies, moths, midges and mozzies with your indoor bug catcher from Quash. Your innovative trap attracts and ensnares bugs naturally - without the use of toxic chemicals or electrocuting zaps. Your flying pests are drawn to the UV light, where they are unsuspectingly sucked down and become stuck on the glue pad at the bottom, for easy disposal. With its patented, lightweight design, Quash can be used indoors wherever you need it, for example your kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, caravan or closed tent. The USB power cord and AC adaptor can be plugged into almost any power source, including portable chargers. For best results with fruit flies and gnats, place your trap in darkness and near the source of bugs such as rubbish, plants or fruit for 3 consecutive nights. For best results catching mozzies in your bedroom, run your Quash for 2-3 hours before going to bed to clear your room. Mozzies are attracted by the heat of your body and the carbon dioxide that you exhale, so your sleeping body will be a lot of competition during the night!  Your trap comes with 10 glue pads, local Aussie customer support, and a money-back results guarantee.

The dimensions of the Quash Zap-Free Bug Trap are 22cm in height and 13cm in width.

Unlike traditional bug sprays and insecticides, the Quash trap does not use toxic chemicals. It offers a safe and eco-friendly way to deal with indoor bugs.

Plug your Quash into a USB power source (eg. power point, computer, portable charger).

Press the release button on the side to open the base. Remove the protective layer on your Glue Pad and place sticky-side up on the base tray. Close.

Select either STANDARD or LOW MODE.

Use in a dark room. Place it as close to the main problem area as you can. Turn off all the lights and close the door if possible (it will still work in an open plan space, your battle will just be longer). If you are at war with mosquitoes in a bedroom, the trap will work best to clear the room PRIOR to you going to bed rather than during the night while you sleep, so run it for 2-3 hours before retiring.

Let it work it's magic for at least 3 nights. Longer for severe infestations. Be patient! Rest your Quash during the day.

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