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Brianna Rose Flows

Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck

$60.00 AUD
Experience the transformative power of 'Hack Your Nervous System' - 60 cards infused with evidence-based Mind-Body techniques sourced from ancient practices like Yoga, Qi Gong, Buddhism, Eastern Medicine, and the modern science of Somatic Therapy. This innovative tool is specifically designed to help you find balance, alleviate stress and anxiety, and achieve inner peace. Developed by a licensed mental health counselor, to help increase your awareness of your mind-body connection and reprogram your Nervous System from fight or flight mode to a state of calm and safety. - Build resilience, alleviate stress, and nurture your nervous system with powerful interventions designed to help you achieve inner peace & balance. - Discover the transformative power of Mindfulness, Yoga, Qi Gong, and breathwork practices. - Somatic and self-compassion prompts, which aim to help you achieve a state of inner peace and calm.  

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