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Green Calcite Pocket Stones (rough)

$4.00 AUD
Green Calcite is, between the Calcite family, the one with the most stable energy field. It supports us in detoxification (similar to Emerald Calcite) with the added qualities of forgiveness and compassion, especially towards ourselves. Most of time the accumulated toxicity is self-inflicted by our own thought process (Inner Critic) and Green Calcite supports us in addressing the inner voices allowing us to lose toxic weight (emotional and physical). Physical:  Green Calcite is said to improve the flow of energy within the body. It has a strong ability to boost the immune system, assist with influenza, fevers & various types of chest infections. It may be beneficial to assist with heart issues, the lymphatic system, lungs & adrenal glands. Green Calcite can help the healing of arthritis as well as problems in the muscle ligaments, bones, and joints, such as inflammations, due to its composition & cooling properties. Chinese Medicine: Green Calcite is used for its multiple therapeutic effects, especially in treating disorders around the heart. Works well with: Green Calcite harmonises very well with all the different Calcite colours & is very useful with Green Apophyllite for balancing the Heart Chakra in a chakra layout. To help you to improve your memory, combine it with other crystals for memory enhancement, focus and concentration.

Family/Structure: Carbonate Trigonal

Chemical Composition: Calcium carbonate & Iron

Measures approximately: 2cm wide x 2cm long x 1 tall cm

Chakra: Heart (4th) Chakra

Cleanse in running water and charge in rock crystals.

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