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Goddess Moon by Francesca Bas

$42.95 AUD
Hello goddess, its time to make yourself the priority Self-work and self-love take vulnerability and courage, I applaud you for starting. The goddess moon coloring and self-love book offer a safe space for all women to discover their inner goddess through coloring, mindfulness, healing, and self-discovery journaling. Through our 25 goddesses to color in and 10 themed holistic and psychologically rooted self-discovery exercises this book will help you: Turn your vulnerability into your superpower Through the series of journaling questions you will learn to deepen your self-compassion, celebrate yourself, foster self-love, and learn to embrace all parts of you on a physical, soul, and mind level. Deepen your creativity During your journey within this book, you will have 25 diverse goddesses to color in. This portion of the book helps you draw your attention to the present moment, cultivate mindfulness, tap into your inner child through coloring, and truly give you a lens to see how every body is a thing of beauty, a temple to praise. Discover your inner goddess A woman is a goddess from the moment she is born, but sometimes after societal conditioning and expectations of ourselves, we lose sight of the goddess within us all. But she is there waiting to be nourished once more, through the book you will work on your light, shadows, and all the crevices of what makes you, you. Further, these same attributes of self-discovery will unite you once again to your purest self and the goddess living within.

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