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Essential Oil Blends Luxury Gift Set

$195.95 AUD
With our Essential Oil Blends Luxury Gift Set, you can clear your mind of stress with our Limited Edition Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oil Blends.  Relax after a long day as the aromatic joy of our bespoke essential oil blends envelopes the senses. There is so much luxurious goodness in this gift hamper, from our stunning range of Meditation, Resilience and Sleep Pure Essential Oil Blends are designed to support inner strength and peace whilst saving the planet. Limited Edition Essential Oil Diffuser 160 ml Meditation Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Resilience Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Sleep Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Herbal Sleep Tea in signature Recyclable Black Pouch 80g The Sleep Boss products are Australian Owned and Made Sustainable Packaging Vegan and Earth Friendly Unique refillable range Curated in Melbourne by artisan aromatherapists. Our pure blends are made from the highest quality local and imported ingredients. Certified 100% pure and natural.  Our range is designed to be reused until recycled responsibly in our 360-degree zero-waste program. Take a moment to ground yourself after a hectic day with The Sleep Boss Range of Pure Essential Oil Blends Meditation, Resilience, and Sleep. Blended with tones of mandarin to uplift your mood and lavender and rose for tranquillity and calm at bedtime, renowned for helping you rest. Looking for Christmas gifts for your team? Our care packs are handpicked and packaged to your needs. We can deliver directly to you, your friends, and your family or work-from-home team members, so you don't need to worry about shopping or postage. Leave that all to us. Group pricing is available. We continually improve our range and would love to help you create something special for your hard-working teams. Contact Us

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