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EMF Radiation Protection Holster

$82.50 AUD
The DefenderShield® Mobile Phone EMF Radiation Protection Holster helps you to stay protected from EMF radiation whilst on the go, as well as keeping your phone or other devices secure and accessible. Using multiple layers of advanced shielding, the back of the DefenderShield® Holster blocks up to 99% of wireless Radio Frequency (RF), EMF and 5th Generation radiation emitted by electronic devices without affecting mobile phone service or connectivity. Designed with a rotating clip to allow vertical or landscape application to your belt, hip pocket or waistline clothing. The elastic sides allow flexibility with size and insertion, aswell as slits for attaching headphones or charging cords. Perfect for daily use with most smartphones, carrying essential items on-the-go, attaching to belts or bags, and travelling. Your phone is safely secured with hardy magnetic closure, high quality and durable fabric and Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology in the back and flap protecting your body.   5G Protection: DefenderShield® technology Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology blocks up to 99% of wireless EMF and 5th Generation radiation (300 Hz-90 GHz) including all bands of the 5th Generation spectrum: low-band operating below 1 GHz, mid-band or c-band up to 6 GHz, and high-band millimeter waves at 24 GHz and higher. 

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