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Earthing Oz

Earth Runners Lifestyle Sandals (Black)

$0.00 AUD $155.00 AUD
The ultimate minimalist sandal experience. Earth Runners sandals promote physical health by putting your feet back in connection with the Earth. The minimalist design allows for a more stimulating footwear experience and minimal foot constraints allow your toes to move more freely and more aptly sense and react to the terrain and environment.  Grounded conductive laces™ mimic the primal experience of being barefoot Enjoy all the benefits of being earthed or grounded while wearing shoes The perfect solution when being barefoot isn't possible e.g.: during a bush walk, hike or trail running The bestselling Circadian Lifestyle sandals have over a thousand 5-star reviews on the Earth Runners website Available in a range of unisex sizes. Please consult the size guide template to ensure the best fit for your feet. 

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