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DIY Pottery & Macramé Kit | Craft Your Own Plant Hanger and Ceramic Pot

$64.00 AUD
Get creative and make your own pottery planter and macrame plant hanger with our easy-to-follow guide. Your kit includes clay for two small pots or one large one, cotton rope, wood rings, and our step-by-step instructions on how to craft with the coil technique. A mindful activity that gives you the space to express yourself and make something meaningful! Your kit includes: Step-by-step guide on crafting your pot using the "coil technique" and creating your Macramé Plant Hanger! Cotton Rope Wood Rings Enough Clay to make either 2 small pots or 1 large planter   

1 kg of Stoneware Clay
8 Modelling Tools
Step by Step Guide to help you on your journey!

Engaging in pottery and ceramics can be a therapeutic and meditative process, allowing you to focus on the present moment and reduce stress levels.

The act of creating something with your hands stimulates your imagination and enhances your creative thinking, contributing to overall cognitive wellness.

Working with clay promotes mindfulness, fostering a sense of relaxation and calmness as you immerse yourself in the creative process.

Step by step instructions included.

Ships from Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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