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DIY Pottery Kit | Craft Your Own Masterpiece

$49.00 AUD
Discover the joy of crafting with our DIY Clay Pottery Kit. Shape and mould your unique masterpiece, whether it's a pottery mug or ceramic planter. Dive into the world of creativity and bring your artistic vision to life! What's included? High-quality Stoneware Clay for ceramics hand building, providing enough material to create two mugs. A step-by-step guide covering the pinch pot technique, from wedging the clay to shaping it and adding handles or attaching pieces through the scratch and slip technique for safety. Valuable tips and tricks for safety, preventing air bubbles, cracks, and contamination. Modelling tools for scratching, scoring, and smoothing your piece. Instructions on glazing (optional). Glazing your piece can be an extra step, and we'll guide you on how to do it if you choose to add this artistic touch to your creation.

1 kg of high qualityl Stoneware Clay
8 Modelling Tools
Step by Step Guide to help you on your journey!

Engaging in pottery and ceramics can be a therapeutic and meditative process, allowing you to focus on the present moment and reduce stress levels.

The act of creating something with your hands stimulates your imagination and enhances your creative thinking, contributing to overall cognitive wellness.

Easy to follow instruction guide included.

Ships from Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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