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CLEANSE {organic greens+mushrooms}

$69.00 AUD
Cleanse Powder offers a gentle and effective way to detoxify and rejuvenate your body from the inside out. This expertly formulated powder is designed to support your body's natural cleansing processes, helping to flush out toxins and impurities that may have accumulated over time. By targeting impurities, it promotes healthy skin from the inside out. 

Organic greens blend: (Chlorella Powder (Cracked Cell)* Spirulina Powder*, Broccoli Sprout Powder*, Alfalfa grass*, Globe artichoke*)

Organic mushroom blend (Shiitake*, Maitake*, Reishi* mushrooms) Cleavers^, Pomegranate Husk Powder (Punica granatum), Citric Acid, Green Tea, Rosemary extract, Natural flavour, Natural Lemon Lime flavour, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Ascorbic Acid, Lemon Juice Powder*, Bacillus Coagulans, Milk Thistle extract, Acacia Gum, Silica Colloidal (Anhydrous), Digestive enzymes blend

*organic ^wildcrafted

Sourced with the highest quality ingredients from Australia and around the world to find the most potent and bio-available ingredients possible.

Products contain no added gluten, grains, soy, dairy, lactose, eggs, nuts or GMO ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavours, sweeteners or colours are used in our products.

Products are tested for heavy metals

6g (1 heaped teaspoon) into 250mL water, coconut water or add to your smoothie. CLEANSE can be taken 1-2 times per day.

Ships From Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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